Jack Tawil, ACS, CL

In the course of my business, I have to make an occasional presentation. Toastmasters has helped me to organize my presentation, sharpen up my presentation slides and deliver an effective presentation. I also have made presentations in video conferences, which have special considerations, such as placing the web cam at an optimal location, and using a special cursor or other device to call attention to items on a slide. Finally, Toastmasters has made me aware of using "uhms" during my phone conversations, which I have been working to eliminate.

H.P. "Pete" Cabaniss, DTM
Toastmasters has helped me in many ways in my professional and social life. I am a retired technical instructor and teacher. Toastmasters has given me great confidence and research capabilities for my work. I would practice my teaching technique at club meetings and get constructive evaluations on my presentations. I am also a former radio announcer at WMMB-AM when they played music. We won the Marconi award, best radio station in the country, while I was there. Toastmasters helped me construct my radio style that created a great listening audience.

Toastmasters helped me become a listened-to leader. I was voted president of several homeowners associations and a county wide homeowners representative. I was elected the first president of the Harris Communicators Toastmasters. Toastmasters gave me the confidence to meet with the president of Harris Corporation and present a case for financial backing from the corporation. The president was impressed to the point of giving us financial support and free time from the company to support Toastmasters. Without the communications and leadership learned from Toastmasters, I would never have been able to even talk to this man as an equal.


Byron Cisneros, CC

The nature of my job is Sales and Marketing to International clients. Before Toastmasters, I always found it very difficult and stressful to open up a meeting or a conference with such a diverse audience and such complex topics. I began to use the concepts of Table Topics and Icebreakers as I saw them delivered at my Toastmasters meetings and voila, what a difference they made. My presentations and round table discussions became more relaxed, more informative, and my clients got to remember key aspects of the material. At every Toastmasters meeting, I make a point to collect the best Table Topics or new ideas to use on my day-to-day work. They are invaluable.


Joseph Reis, Jr.

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